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Ever considered how the 10-digit PNR number is produced? Or on the other hand what do the digits show? The Indian Railways traveler name record, otherwise called PNR, is a number that gives an assortment of movement data to ticket-holders. The PNR status incorporates data, for example, the booking status - regardless of whether the ticket has been affirmed, it is on the holding up rundown (WL) or it is under reservation against crossing out (RAC) - separated from giving essential data on landing and flight time of trains. The PNR status has subtle elements of the mentor and seat number and the charge paid by the traveler, among different points of interest. NDTV Rail Beeps inquiry will enable you to discover the exact PNR status of your prepare venture with the Indian Railways. 

How To Check PNR Status? 

Checking your PNR status is simple. You should simply to enter your PNR number on the pursuit bar above. It will then demonstrate to you the PNR status of your ticket. Despite the fact that you will see the PNR number on the upper left corner of the prepare ticket, the PNR number on the e-ticket shows up in a better place - it will be imprinted on the best 50% of the page. 

How PNR Works? 


The Center of Railway Information Systems or CRIS runs a database where all data about travelers are encouraged and put away. The framework makes a 10-digit PNR status number each time a man purchases an Indian Railways ticket on the IRCTC site, private travel sites or at ticket counters. IRCTC alludes to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. 

As far as gathering appointments, a solitary PNR number can incorporate a most extreme of six travelers. 

What does PNR number include: 

Traveler Details (Name, Age, Sex, Birth Preference) 

Ticket Details (Train No, Date, From, To, Boarding Station, Reservation Upto, Class, Berth, Quota) 

Exchange/Payment Details (Transaction ID, Payment Mode, Ticket Charge) 

The initial 3 digits of the PNR let us know from which Passenger Reservation System or PRS the ticket has been reserved. 

The PNR numbers' beginning digit relies upon Zone of the Train, w.r.t. beginning station of the prepare. 

Number Code Zone 

1 SCR Secunderabad PRS 

2, 3 NR, NCR, NWR, NER New Delhi PRS 

4, 5 SR, SWR, SCR Chennai PRS 

6, 7 NFR, ECR, ER, ECoR, SER, SECR Calcutta PRS 

8, 9 CR, WCR, WR Mumbai PRS 

The last seven digits are haphazardly produced numbers utilizing the Rand() work. These numbers speak to no data about the ticket or voyage accordingly. They just give a novel character to the PNR number. 

You can check PNR Status number at 

You should simply enter the PNR beneath to get the present status. You will discover it on the upper left corner of the ticket.) PNR status can likewise be checked at each significant stations, where PNR details checking counters are accessible. 

PNR number on the ticket 

PNR number is typically printed at the upper left corner of the tickets that are accessible at the railroad station booking window. If there should arise an occurrence of the E-Ticket, the PNR number is made reference to at best in a different cell. 

The significance of PNR status 

It is very regular to discover your prepare ticket on holding up rundown while booking tickets on Indian Railways. To check whether your ticket is affirmed, you have to check your current PNR status. You can without much of a stretch do this online at

The most effective method to enquire PNR status 

Steps - open >> Enter your PNR number >> Search 

You will get PNR status in 3 simple advances. 

Different approaches to enquire PNR status are: 

1. Current reservation status check to utilize SMS 

2. Portable applications 

3. Railroad inquiry counters at rail line station 

4. Last reservation outlines 

5. Different sites 

PNR status and railroad reservations clarified well ordered : 

Holding up List and RAC 

When every accessible seat on a prepare is sold, the Indian railroad discharges RACs for rail route reservations. At the point when the majority of the RAC seats are sold, Waiting List tickets are discharged. The status of the tickets may differ depending on an assortment of reasons. Ticket abrogations by different travelers can build your odds in the event that you have a RAC or Waiting List ticket. RAC/WL ticket holders are likewise liable to get accessible seats in various portions on the off chance that they stay unused. 

Tickets are sold by the Indian Railways in the accompanying request: 

Accessible 02 

Accessible 01 

RAC 01 

RAC 02 

RAC 03 

RAC 04 

WL 01 

WL 02 

Understanding your ticket status 

There are two numbers made reference to on your ticket. The numbers detail the situation at which you joined the shortlist and the current position of your ticket-in a specific order. Here is a precedent: 

When you book a prepare ticket on the web, you discover the prepare number and class – AC, inferior, second rate class and so forth made reference to on the e-ticket alongside the seat/billet that you need alongside the date and time. We should consider that you purchase a ticket with WL5/WL2. 

This implies you joined the WL at position 5, however when you paid for the ticket and really purchased the ticket online you moved to position 2. The position may have shifted from WL5 to WL2 either because of a wiping out or because of somebody not making a last reserving. While 

the main number (WL5 for this situation) will remain the equivalent, the second number will diminish until the point that you get a ticket (ideally). 

This is the manner by which the status of your reservation status could resemble – in a specific order: 

WL 5/WL 2 

WL 5/WL 1 

WL 5/RAC 3 

WL 5/RAC 2 

WL 5/RAC 1 


PNR status and seat accessibility 

The accompanying breakout clarifies how a ticket status assumes an essential job in prepare ventures 

RAC - In RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation), the traveler is permitted to travel and two travelers share a similar compartment. In the event that an affirmed traveler does not load up the prepare, a full billet is assigned to the traveler with RAC ticket. 

CNF - The traveler situate has been affirmed and the seat will be distributed subsequent to outlining 

CAN - The traveler situate has been dropped 

WL - The traveler with Waitlist ticket is in the holding up rundown and isn't permitted to load up the prepare. A shortlist ticket can be dropped by the traveler 30 minutes before the flight of the prepare. In the event that a WL ticket does not get affirmed, it gets dropped consequently. 

GNWL - A General Waitlist ticket which gets affirmed after the travelers drop their affirmed appointments. 

TQWL - TQWL remains for Tatkal Waitlist. At the point when a traveler completes a tatkal booking and is put on the hold up rundown, the status is appeared as TQWL. This ticket is most drastically averse to get affirmed. 

PQWL - Under Pooled Quota Waitlist, travelers going between middle stations and have a different shortlist from the general shortlist. 

RLWL - A Remote Location Waitlist has the high odds of affirmation. Littler stations have separate standard of seats and holding up seats on these middle stations are given RLWL status. 

RSWL - A station particular shortlist is known as a Road-Side Waitlist. 

NR - NR signifies 'No Room' and no further appointments are permitted with a NR ticket 

NOSB - NOSB is acronym for No Seat Berth. Kids underneath 12 years old pay youngster admission and are not allocated seats. Their PNR status demonstrates NOSB – No Seat Berth. 

REL - REL remains for Released 

WEBCAN - It's a Railway Counter Ticket. At the point when a traveler has been dropped over web and the discount has not been gathered. 

WEBCANRF - It's a Railway Counter Ticket. At the point when a traveler has been dropped over web and the discount has been gathered. 

WL and RAC discounts 

On the off chance that your prepare is prepared for takeoff and its reservation diagram is settled, the expense of your WL ticket will be consequently discounted to your financial balance. 

Till when are PNR numbers substantial? 

Ordinarily, the digits of Passanger name record or PNR wind up good for nothing after the finish of the voyage. The PNR subtle elements may not be accessible to general society once the adventure gets finished for protection and security worries of travelers. 

In any case, PNR number keeps going least multi month. This is on account of the TDR documented can take most extreme of 9 months. Its is then expelled from the database. 

Railroad Enquiries through Web: 

Ticket Booking – – Official Partner of Indian Railway for Online ticket booking. 

Railroad Enquiry – – Official Indian Railway entryway 

PNR Status - Check Here PNR Status at NDTV Rail Beeps by Entering 10 Digit PNR Number 

Live Train Status - Check Here Live Train Status at NDTV Rail Beeps 

Prepare Between Stations - Check Here Train Between Stations at NDTV Rail Beeps 

Railroad Enquiries through SMS/Phone: 

SMS Service – How to check PNR status through SMS 

SMS PNR send to 139 

Railroad Enquiry Number 

Call 139

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