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All of us have had that dream of getting on a cruise ship and embarking on a long journey. A cruise ship is also known as a cruise liner and is a form of recreation for those who like different exotic experiences to record in their diary. A cruise ship is a simple passenger ship but carries inside it all the amenities that the passengers may need and can most definitely be called a building which moves over the seas, only stopping at the ports of call on the way. Although a cruise ship is one of the major means of transport, it is not, however, the only purpose it serves. One can always choose to get on a ship which is a cruise to nowhere and the purpose of such journeys are purely pleasure as they do not have any ports of call and makes a couple of round trips only, for leisurely activities. However, there are many companies which only specialize on ships for transportation purposes and these carry passengers and boarders from source to destination after charging certain amounts of fare. The cruise travel agency that you choose to make use of will employ several different types of cruise ships categorised by different kinds of build quality depending upon the extent of the journey that you choose to undertake. This also calls for a choice of different types of cruise travel packages as all of them would offer various different type of services. These services can be chosen based on the preferences of a client, i.e., whether they want a deal on a cheap cruise service or spend much more and ask for the best cruise service. Global Duniya takes pride in having awareness of all the concerns and expectations that prospective clients have and are working hard day in and day out to become the best site to book cruise journeys.


The beauty of a cruise journey lies and depends a lot on the destination it takes you to or like they are professionally called, the ports of call. It is imperative to pick and choose and make the most of every trip. Any experienced agency or cruise service thus makes it a point to sit down with a world map and shortlist the best destinations on the particular circuit that they set their cruise out on. Whether it is a cruise to Pacific Northwest or another one to Northwest, the destinations along the way make up the actual beauty of the journey. The happiness of a trip may be in the journey more than the actual destination but the destination has the power to make or break the entire efforts and money spent on a cruise.


At Global Duniya, we bring forth the best deals and packages to quench the thirst of all our traveller clients. Every package is worked out with utmost thought and patience so that it appeals to a wide range of people who decide to invest their time, money and trust with us. We work hard in order to prevent loss of those essential properties and bring forward only the best of the best packages for our prospective customers.


A lot of people give up on their dreams of getting up on a cruise ship just because the expenses are a bit too much to handle. We understand that can be a bummer and try to bring forth the cheapest prices which let you take a step to fulfil that dream of stretching out your arms on a cruise. It is also a good move to do your own research and compare prices based on when you get the most discounts and lowest fares. More often than none, you might get to travel in a cruise at a very cheap rate just because you had booked your ticket earlier than others. Whenever you wish to make the most of a journey on a cruise ship, it is best to go for professionals who are experienced enough to know what’s best and fetch you the best routes and make your travel a truly enriching journey. We, at Global Duniya, strife for doing that for all our clients.

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During different times of the year, there are various promotional offers which are introduced for the benefit of the customers of Global Duniya. We introduce these special offers just for our special customers and intend to preserve their happiness and excitement throughout the course of their journey with us and beyond. Even if you miss out on one lucrative offer, be assured that there will be more to come. Another general bit of advice for all our prospective customers would be to book their tickets early, because that is a guaranteed way of saving and never having to give up on good quality of the services that are provided on board.

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