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Franchising offers a better chance to succeed

Franchising opportunity

Globalduniya, a Brand having Canadian roots, which is Growing at the fastest speed and increasing its turnover year to year is offering the Franchise opportunity to Entrepreneurs to build their career with Strong Foundation.

We offer structure, format, business experience, Travel technology, Business Logics, system, Advertisement Support, confident customers, Vision to succeed and fulfilment of your Dreams. In order to be Franchisee, you not only need money, but you need to have zeal to succeed and achieve something big in your life. You have to raise Bar of your Attitude, confidence, Knowledge mongering. You should have to have strong community ties and passion to achieve the goals in the life.

Universally, Franchising is preferred over start-ups as chance to succeed with the right mentoring and system implementation is higher than in any other format in the world. May it be McDonalds, KFC, Tim Horton H&M, Shoppers Drug Mart, Apple store, Samsung Plaza etc. all are successful and All are franchisee.

Being the franchisee you get the Franchisor support both in prelaunch and post launch situations. Corporate ad support is always the breather and brings in Confident customer prepared to buy travel services from you.

Globalduniya as franchisee will offer you training, manuals, Trained staff, gives you benefit of Recognized service marks, trademarks, etc.

Franchisee will have easier business operations and lower risk of investment.

Globalduniya offers very flexible franchisee model in the Travel industry.

Apart from becoming a Franchisee you may start doing business with Globalduniya, which has online travel portal to directly book flight tickets from any part of the world to other part of the world in more than 680 Airlines. You may book over 1 million hotel properties for your clients may it be leisure client or the corporate clients. System allows you to book Buses operated by over 3000 operators in India.

We have contracts with various contractors and aggregators and because of this we have practical tie-up with 35000 car transfers, 30000 car rentals, 55000 activities and sight-seeing, 100s of Touring company.

You can book the Travel insurance directly on the Portal itself. Don’t Think Act Now!

Check the Business options and be ready to start business now!

Business Association

on The Go

Rs. 5000
Good Community Contacts

Travel Agency
(B2B Agent)

Rs. 25000

White Label

Providing Website with
online booking facility
Investment Rs.50000



Space:250 Sq.Ft.
Investment: 3 Lakh
(Excluding Working) Capital


Space:500 Sq.Ft.
(In Commercial Market)
Investment: 5 Lakh
(Excluding Working) Capital


(In Commercial Market)
Investment: 20 Lakh
(Excluding Working) Capital

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