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Bhopal is the lake city of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal has natural as well as artificial lakes. It is considered as the 17th largest city in India and 131st in the world. Bhopal is a hub of educational institutes, universities, schools, research centers and much more. Bhopal is rich with the natural resources like it has Vindhya ranges and has the lakes also. The climate of the Bhopal is a humid subtropical climate.

Hotels in Bhopal

Bhopal has the stretches of glorious, picturesque attractions like cascading lakes and pleasant weather to rich culture and tradition, heritage centers, historic monuments to mouth-watering cuisines, amiable people, fun-filled festival and a vibrant nightlife. Bhopal provides numbers of different accommodation types from budget hotels to the luxurious villas.

The best five-star hotels of Bhopal are

  1. Hotel Shree Vatika
  2. Hotel Sonali Regency
  3. Jehan Numa Palace Hotel
  4. Hotel Amer Palace
  5. Hotel Sarthak

The best four-star hotels in Bhopal are given below

  1. Hotel Shubh Inn
  2. The residency hotel
  3. Hotel Nisarga

The best budget hotels in Bhopal

The budget hotels mean the hotel which provides the basic amenities and facilities. Commonly the budget hotels are the one which provides bed and breakfast.  Bhopal also serves the various kind of budget hotels, some best suggestions are given below:-

  1. Hotel Lake View Ashok
  2. Hotel atishay
  3. Palash Residency
  4. Tulsi Casa
  5. Hotel Surendra Vilas

Other options for the best accommodation in Bhopal:-

Except the five star and budget hotels Bhopal also serves the homestays, hostels, cottages and etc.

The best area for the hotels in Bhopal

The hotels should be located in the best location. Best location means the hotel should be nearby the major attractions of the destinations. So the Bhopal’s best areas for the hotels are given below

  • Bhopal Habibganj Railway Station
  • Kushabhau Thakre Inter State Bus Terminal
  • Raja Bhoj International
  • Birla Mandir
  • New Market
  • DB City Mall
  • Taj-ul-Masajid
  • Van Vihar National Park


Question:- How many Bhopal hotels are available for booking at GlobalDuniya?

Answer:- Total 300 hotel properties are available for Bhopal hotel booking.

Question:-What is the minimum price range of budget category hotels in Bhopal?

Answer:- Budget category of hotels starts from Rs400

Question:-What is the minimum price range of Luxury hotels in Bhopal?

Answer:- luxury hotels booking is starting from Rs1500.

Questions:- Which area of Bhopal has the largest number of hotels?

Answer:- Almost with 65 hotel properties are located at  Maharana Pratap Nagar area, this area has the maximum number of hotels in Bhopal.

Question:- Mention the most popular luxury hotels in Bhopal?

Answer:- The 5 and 4-star hotels of Bhopal which are highly rated hotels are  Hotel Shubh Inn, Courtyard By Marriott, Jehan Numa retreat club & spa, the residency hotel, Hotel Nisarga.

Question:- Mention the top budget hotels in Bhopal for the stay?

Answer:- Some highly rated top budget hotels in Bhopal are  Hotel Shalimar Deluxe, Jheelam Homestay, Wind & Waves, Hotel Sangat Plaza.

Question:- Mention the popular hotels for unmarried couples in Bhopal?

Answer:- the highly rated top hotels in Bhopal are  Hotel Surendra Vilas, Hotel Sarthak, Hotel KC Palace, Hotel Galaxy Star.

Question:-Which is the best time to explore the Bhopal?

Answer:- October to February is the best time to traverse the Bhopal.

Question:-What are must visiting attractions in Bhopal for sightseeing?

Answer:-Some must visiting attractions in Bhopal are  Lower Lake, Bharat Bhawan, and Upper Lake Question:- Mention the best food of the Bhopal.

Answer:- chicken biryani.

Question:- Is there any Night Life in Bhopal?

Answer:- No.

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