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Global Travel Insurance for You: Travel Tension Free!

For any traveller, there are various risks that come in addition to the excitement of a travel plan. It is not an uncommon scenario for a good vacation plan that you may have invested a lot over, to get spoiled just because you weren’t covered with travel insurance. There are numerous things which could go wrong when you are traveling overseas or even within the country, and these could be covered by making sure that your property has insurance and also securing health insurance while traveling. With the growth of the outbound tourism industry in India, you might find yourself on a flight to Britain, New Zealand, Ireland or even United States very soon. This has happened because they have provided relaxation on their visa norms to attract tourists from our country. We, Indians, are spending a lot of money which ranges from five to twenty lakhs to explore the places we wish to see. Since, we are spending so much already, it is not a bad idea to add a little bit to these expenses by getting equipped with insurance during travel. There are various travel agency insurance quotations which can be compared and contrasted in order to find the best one which fits your requirements and demands before you decide to embark on a trip and Global Duniya offers these services to their clients as well. Be it any unforeseen problem, our travel insurances are bound to save you from falling into bad predicaments.

How Global Duniya covers travel insurance

Global Duniya provides travel insurance on various fronts. They are different problems which may be encountered and when that happens it is always helpful to have all your bases covered. Global Duniya has the means and motives to provide its clients with the all the help and assistance that might be required when people are traveling away from home. The travel insurance policy would cover:

  1. 'Cancellation/ Interruption during trip' type insurance: A portion of the booking fees get reimbursed when there are problems with the trip cancellation or even an interruption. There are instances when you may have to cancel your trip or shorten the duration of the trip like an undesirable occurrence like injury, sickness or death of a close family member; and there are benefits to cover you here.
  2. Flight delay insurance: There are situation where a delay might happen which goes for more than 12 hours and causes you problem albeit due to a covered hazard. We seek to provide reasonable additional expenses for such delays from our end by referring to our policies for International travel.
  3. Common carrier delay insurance
  4. Reimbursement provided in case of medical help for emergencies and accidents: If you encounter an illness or injury which is not due to any previous problems, we provide reimbursement if this policy is effective.
  5. Insurance provided in case of accidental death and dismemberment
  6. Evacuation in case of emergencies and repatriating the remains: There will be payments in the direction of any losses incurred in the duration of travel if you are covered by this policy.
  7. Loss of baggage in common carrier insurance: Clients will get reimbursed accordingly if there are situations where their baggage gets misplaced.

Low cost insurance policy

Global Duniya intends to provide insurance which is not heavy on the pockets of their clients. A trip abroad or even within the country might lead to various different types of expenses and we understand that. We try our level best to keep the expenditure that our clients might encounter on travel insurance while traveling with our agency on the lower side because of the same reasons. That being said, we stress on the importance of getting travel insurance before starting out on a trip because the benefits which await you far outweigh the amount of money which a client has to spend in order to gain the insurance.

No hidden extra charge

In today’s day and age, it is important to never let your guard down because there are people and companies at every corner who try to cheat people and take advantage of their docile nature. We, at Global Duniya, seek to be different and be worthy of the trust of those who choose to travel with us. Our intent is to provide you the grade of service which keeps bringing you back to us whenever you are in need of a good travel plan and insurance to go along with it. We make it a point to mention all the costs and expenses, which we require to provide you with a travel plan which keeps you comfortable and relaxed, up front and not hide them by burying it behind paperwork and different types of technical terms.

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