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Travelling abroad is always on the bucket list of our plans while thinking about taking a vacation to some exotic destination. And there are a number of scenic countries where visa holds utmost importance. It is inherently possible by all means that your next trip abroad requires a visa. Your international excursions depend heavily on the visa and passport documents without which authentic documentation is incomplete.

What do we do?

At Global Duniya, we make sure that every requirement related to documentation process is smoothly fulfilled. We specialize in international travel and related services. Our agents keep us informed about the requirements for travel between various countries, even when the documentation processes change. We take care of a range of service structures related to your passport and visa preferences which include

  • Visa Application
  • US Passport Cards
  • Passport Renewal
  • 1st-time Passports
  • Additional Passport Pages
  • Gathering Required Documents: A number of documents are required while applying for a visa. You need to provide your original passport, bank statements/ updated passbook, Income Tax form for last 3 years, passport size photos, salary slips, identity proof, tour plan, hotel booking information, air tickets and some other financial documents like FD, shares, Mutual Funds, NSC, PPF, property papers or any other financial documents. All these required documents have to be produced before the embassy along with some other information they ask for. Our services ensure that this documentation and presentation process becomes smooth and coherent at all levels.
  • Application Form Filling: One of the major aspects while churning out the entire visa process, application form filling, requires a supreme sense of information regarding a number of facts. Your visa application form requires you to fill information such as name, date of birth, place and country of birth, current nationality, gender, marital status, travel document type and number, issue and expiration date, issuing authority, email address, home address, phone number, current occupation, purpose of your trip, destination state, fingerprints, duration of stay, etc. Our visa services ensure that your application is filled without any errors. Our professional staff would guide you through each step of the form filling so that you can fill your application form confidently and smoothly.

Visa Processing

There are a number of visa applications that require further administrative processing. This step takes additional time after the visa applicant's interview by a consular officer. This additional processing, which may affect a small number of applications, is usually resolved within 60 days of application submission, though some cases take longer. The cases which involve administrative visa processing vary based on their individual circumstances and the applicants are informed beforehand. Our visa services make sure that all the information related to visa processing is thoroughly reviewed and the additional procedures are explained to the applicants diligently. The smooth information exchange makes sure that any kind of stressful situation is avoided within the provided time frame. We also review all the information on the specific embassy website and make sure that instructions are thoroughly followed by the applicants.

Say No To Visa Agents

There are a number of steps and processes which rigorously explore your whereabouts when you apply for a visa. You can also go on putting your best foot forward and hoping that you get 'yes' as an answer. The entire procedure of accomplishing the requirements, minding the details, submitting authentic documents, showing that you are well travelled and providing a considerable amount of evidence about yourself are some of the magnificent tasks that require professional handling. By professional handling, we do not intend to point towards scammers or dishonest visa processing agents. Of course, there are a few visa agents you can trust, but these can only be counted on the fingers. Their authenticity cannot be guaranteed. We at Global Duniya make sure that services related to visa application are rendered in the best possible manner. Be it visa services in India or international visa service, our experienced, knowledgeable and professional pool of staff makes sure that you get your mission accomplished without having to face any scammers.

No Hidden Or Extra Charges

We are well known for our excellent service delivery at the lowest competitive prices available on board and here also we stand with the same set of obligations. The type of visas pertaining to different countries comes up with different sets of processing fees charged by the embassy or consulate you are applying to. Our service charges are very affordable and low priced for almost all sets of visas. This ensures the applicant that they can get their visa process done smoothly without having to burn a hole in their pockets. We believe in making our customers happy and this step of providing low cost visa process ensures the same.

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